Harrison County, MO Cemeteries


Cemeteries with an * are not listed by USGNIS

Cemetery Name
Akron Cemetery Akron
Allen Cemetery Eagleville
Andover Cemetery Andover
Antioch Cemetery Bethany
Bell Springs Cemetery
aka Big Springs Cemetery; Old Lebanon Cemetery; Pumbla Cemetery
Bondurant Cemetery Bethany
Bowman Cemetery Ridgeway
Brady Cemetery
aka Luellen Cemetery
Brooklyn Cemetery
formerly Snell Cemetery
Brooks Cemetery Bethany
Brown Cemetery Eagleville
Buntin Cemetery Brooklyn
Burgin Cemetery
aka Muncey Cemetery; Virginia Grove Cemetery
Burgin Cemetery - Grant TWP Ridgeway
Butler Cemetery Bethany
Buck Cemetery Bethany
Bush-Busby Cemetery Bethany
Cat Creek Cemetery
aka Mount Pleasant #1 Baptist Church Cemetery
Gilman City
Catholic Cemetery Harrison County
Christopher Shafer Grave Blythedale
Corbin Cemetery Bethany
Dale Cemetery Bethany
Daniel Cemetery Bethany
Dogpatch-Stark Family Cemetery Ridgeway
Downey Cemetery Harrison County
Eagleville Masonic Union Cemetery
aka Masonic Union Cemetery
Edson Cemetery Bethany
Edwards Cemetery
aka Hoffman Cemetery; Hobbs Cemetery
Union TWP
Fairview Cemetery Cainsville
Fallis Cemetery Bethany
Foster Cemetery New Hampton
Freedom Cemetery Cainsville
Gilman City Masonic Cemetery Gilman City
Glaze Cemetery Cainsville
Grace Cemetery Harrison County
Gray Cemetery Mount Moriah
Green Castle Cemetery
aka Wheeler Cemetery
Harrison County
Harrison County Home (Farm) Cemetery Bethany
Hatten Bridgeport
Hawk Cemetery Harrison County
Hendren Cemetery Harrison County
Highland Cemetery Eagleville
Hobbs Chapel Edwards-Hoffman Cemetery Eagleville
Hughes Cemetery Cainsville
Jeffries Cemetery Bethany
Knights of Pythias Cemetery Bethany
Lilly Cemetery Ridgeway
Lincoln Center Cemetery Hatfield
Lloyd Cemetery
aka Stoner Cemetery
Mount Moriah
Logsdon Cemetery Harrison County
Masonic Cemetery Gilman City
Matkins Cemetery Harrison County
McDaniel Family Farm Cemetery Harrison County
McKone Graveyard Eagleville
Melbourn Cemetery Melbourne
Memorial West Cemetery
aka Old Eagleville Cemetery
Miller Cemetery Harrison County
Miriam Cemetery Bethany
Mitchell Cemetery Melbourne
Mitchell Family Graveyard Mitchellville
Monson Cemetery Bethany
Moore Cemetery Blythedale
Moore Cemetery Blythedale
Morris Chapel Cemetery Bethany
Mount Olivet Cemetery Bethany
Mount Pleasant No 2 Baptist Church Cemetery Blythedale
Mount Zion Cemetery New Hampton
Neal Cemetery Bethany
New Hampton Cemetery New Hampton
New Hope Cemetery Bethany
Oakland Cemetery Bethany
Old Blue Ridge Cemetery Gilman City
Old Sill Smith Farm Harrison County
Orphaned Graveyard Martinsville
Payne Cemetery Hatfield
Phillebaum Cemetery Bethany
Pierson-Vandvort Cemetery Pawnee
Pilcher Cemetery Bethany
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Harrison County
Prairie Chapel Cemetery Bethany
Queens Cemetery Harrison County
Rakestraw Cemetery
aka Hunt-Thomas-Thompson Cemetery
Harrison County
Ranne Cemetery - Claycomb Farm Blythedale
Ridgeway Cemetery
aka Henry Cemetery
Rose Hill Cemetery Ridgeway
Russ Cemetery Harrison County
Saint John's Cemetery Gilman City
Saint Marys Cemetery Blytheville
Shady Grove Cemetery Harrison County
Shepard Cemetery Mount Moriah
Shirley Cemetery Eagleville
Shipley Cemetery Harrison County
Springer Cemetery Mount Moriah
Springer Chapel Cemetery Gilman City
Stafford Cemetery
aka Jones Chapel Cemetery
New Hampton
Starke Cemetery Bethany
Taff Cemetery - Clyde Taff Farm Harrison County
Taylor Family Cemetery Bethany
Taylor Grove Cemetery Blythedale
Tilley-Youngman Cemetery Bethany
Union Cemetery Harrison County
Ward Cemetery Bethany
Weaver Chapel Cemetery Hatfield
Wesley Chapel Cemetery Washington Center
White Oak Cemetery New Hampton
Williams - Holy Mountain - Hill Cemetery Bethany
Yankee Ridge Cemetery Ridgeway
Zoar Cemetery Cainsville